General Media Resources

The Columbia Journalism Review

This journal and now a daily blog comes out of Columbia University one of the world’s most respected journalism schools.

A range of great resources including a special briefings area that has an enormous archive on Journalism in time of war that includes a special sub section on embedding. Thier daily briefings is an indispensible round up of media news and links.

The Poynter and Pew Institutes

Both have detailed and comprehensive articles on journalism and archives of articles. Poynter has a huge international database on the churches and sex abuse.

Nieman Lab

The Nieman Journalism Lab is an attempt to help journalism figure out its future in an Internet age.

Annenberg Media Channel News Writing Series

A fantatsic 15 part free video-on-demand series on news and news writing. More than 100 journalists working in print, radio, and television reveal the secrets of their trade. Among those offering insights are Bob Woodward, Helen Thomas, Dave Barry, and Linda Ellerbee.

Beginning Reporting

Jim Hall’s site is divided into three main sections and 17 subsections. The main sections reflect the principal jobs of the journalist: reporting, writing and rewriting.Hall believes, a good reporter is like a pinball in play, always gathering, writing, revising, gathering, writing, revising—until time runs out. The job is as simple, and as hard, as that.

Poynter NewsU

Over 20 detailed interactive courses in all aspects of journalism and editing practice.


A great site from journalism educator and author James Glen Stovall: a web site for those interested in journalism, especially teachers and students. This site contains many resources that will help those who want to learn about journalism.

Editor and Publisher

An industry newsletter that is a useful guide to current debates.


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