Weeks 1 & 2: reading weeks

Reading weeks: No Lectures or workshops. Students are to complete course readings of the four key texts (Capote; Hersey; Funder; Pollan) and complete self directed activities.

Listen to Robert Boynton Keynote to 2013 International Literary Journalism Conference

Prepare a diagrammatic representation of literary journalism to be shared in first class. This could be in the form of a mind map, a drawing, a comic, a collage – a visual piece that expresses something about your evolving understanding of what literary journalism is as a genre and how it differs from other forms of journalism.

Week 3: Introduction – What is Literary Journalism

Lecture Notes: What is Literary Journalism? (pdf)

Week 4: Capote’s In Cold Blood

Week 5: Hersey’s Hiroshima

Lecture Notes: John Hersey’s Hiroshima (pdf)

 Week 6: Cinematic and Theatrical Literary Non-Fiction

Belvoir Street resources on Verbatim Theatre

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