There are six modules or sections in this course which will gradually take you through a range of different storytelling forms and mediums. They each include some work in class, face to face, and some work done online by yourself and with others.

Weeks Module Focus
Week 1 1. Introduction Introduction to the course
Introduction to blogging and blog set-up
2. Visual storytelling 1
Photo portraits
Principles of visual storytelling
Introduction to photographic technique
Telling people stories through portrait photography
3. Visual storytelling 2
Video interviews
Introduction to video shooting and editing with mobile devices
Video interviewing and vox-pops
Week 8 4. Revision & review Review completed assignment and four on self assessment
skills and peer review
5. Writing stories 1: Profiles Developing writing skills through writing extended
profiles of each other
Weeks 12-14 6. Writing stories 2:
On journalism
Developing writing skills to deal with issues as well as personal stories
Reflective and academic storytelling