You will be asked to complete a number of weekly tasks throughout this course. They are each designed to help you learn, test out and master new skills and knowledge. Some of these tasks will be done in class, some will be completed in your own time, some will be done collaboratively with other students in face to face groups or in online discussion forums and blogs.

Each of the weekly tasks are designed to build towards your three major assignments which will be submitted for graded assessment. So it is important to progressively complete the weekly tasks as they are allocated, because they each build on one another. If you do them progressively you should have no problems completing your graded assignments when they are due.

There are four types of assigned tasks in this course:

1. Class contributions and participation: this includes attending face to face classes and making all assigned contributions to class discussion forums and blogs. These tasks are must complete tasks  however they will not be awarded a grade. You must attend 80% of face to face classes to qualify to pass this course and you must show evidence of completing all assigned discussion forum and group blogging tasks by posting the urls to the assignment submission system on the class moodle.

2. Online quizzes: there will be two key online multiple choice quizzes that are also non-graded must complete and must pass assignments. You will be allowed two attempts on each quiz and must score 60% or higher averaged over the four quizzes to successfully pass this requirement of the course.

3. Assignment 1: My UOW Blog: Portraits and videos: this is the first of the graded assignments in which you will establish your journalism blog and start to tell the story of life as a journalism student at UOW through photo portraits and video interviews with your fellow students.

4. Assignment 2: My UOW Blog: Personal stories and journalism: This is the second part of your blogging assignment in which you will extend your blog covering life at UOW through longer profiles of fellow students and stories about the current state of journalism.

5. Assignment 3: Essay: What is storytelling? Your final graded assignment is a 1500 word academic essay which summarises what you have learned about contemporary journalistic storytelling techniques through this course. It will draw on academic articles, popular material on stories and journalistic examples. It will include a personal reflective section which outlines your personal philosophy of journalism and storytelling and your career ambitions.